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We aim to satisfy every woman’s desire for well-being and to make her even more beautiful. In order to reach this goal, we offer a complete service, a real "specific package" of innovative up-to date products which are specially made to suit the needs of every user. Les Naturelles skin care products respond perfectly to the needs of your skin and offer effective solutions to your main skincare concerns.

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BB Cream Perfect

BB Cream - 2 combinations


Fine emulsion of natural beige / bronze color, contains pigments that adapt to your skin color. Formulated using ingredients with nourishing and protecting qualities. Combines beauty treatment in only one gesture. Long-lasting treatment effect, restores the radiance of your complexion. Beauty actions: reduces wrinkles, firms the skin, unifies the...

Hydro-Active Night Cream - 994


The Les Naturelles hydro-active night cream acts while you are asleep and repairs the damage your skin has undergone during the day: your cell renewal being twice as great during sleep. The active molecules of Florence iris and olive oil prevent dehydration, protect the tone of the tissue and support the production of elastin and collagen. They are an...

Revitalizing Night Cream - 904


Les Naturelles revitalising night cream works while you are asleep and repairs the damage done to your skin during the day: your cell renewal being twice as great while you are asleep. Grape seed and red seaweed extracts contribute effectively to purifying the pores and nourishing the epidermis while you rest. Enriched with allantoin with regenerating...

Purifying Activator Complex - 907


Highly concentrated lemon extract based product, formulated with soya liposomes and other powerful vegetal extracts. The liposomes free the active ingredients directly into the intercellular spaces of the epidermis in order to obtain increased effectiveness thanks to better bio-availability. The epidermal cells are stimulated; their division, their...

Night Cream with Ceramides - 704


This top-of-the range cosmetic treatment acts both as a preventative and as a restructuring agent. It helps to prevent the signs of cutaneous ageing and improves the cohesion of the cells of the epidermis. After several weeks of use, the following results are obtained: Smoothing out of wrinkles Improvement in the firmness of the skin Increase in the...

Mask with Ceramides - 705


This ceramide mask gives maximum effect through infinite gentleness. Cleansing the skin deeply, it absorbs any eventual excess of sebum. Regular use will result in the following: A perfectly-cleansed skin Release from facial skin tension and tugging Hydration of the surface layers of the skin A smoother skin texture Closing of the pores A bright, luminous...

Gatuline R Activator Complex - 707


Intensive, cosmetic care for the face and neck with a ceramide base. Conceived and created in total respect of the strictest hypoallergenic criteria, risks of irritation and allergic reactions have been reduced to an absolute minimum. Its restructuring ingredients provide highly effective nourishment for the skin. They are a most effective, preventative...

Lait Nettoyant Hydro-Actif

Hydro-Active Cleansing Milk - 991


The Les Naturelles hydro-active cleansing milk cleans and removes makeup gently, without irritating the face and the eyes, at the same time leaving your skin immediately soothed, supple and smooth. Perfectly hydrated to control the formation of wrinkles thanks to the iris isoflavones and enriched with sweet almond oil, reputed to be an excellent makeup...

Crème de Jour Hydro-Active

Hydro-Active Day Cream - 993


The Les Naturelles hydro-active day cream controls and permanently stimulates the optimal hydration of your skin, whatever the needs and the climatic variations. By regenerating all the cutaneous tissue without attacking it, the Florence iris isoflavones fight effectively against premature ageing by limiting the development of lines linked with the drying...

Correcteur Intense

Intensive Corrector - 721


High-dose niacinamid, its active ingredients have a powerful exfoliating, anti-blemish and anti-wrinkle action, offers a harmonized complexion.

Sérum Uniformisant

Serum Corrector - 720


Innovative treatment based on active ingredients that help improve microcirculation and cellular renewal. Contains a photo-reflector that unifies skin complexion.

Sérum Activlift

Activlift Serum - 777


Regenerating serum, activator and tensor of the treatment concept. Performing thanks to the combined action of natural extracts from Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Orchid. Concentrated and energizing serum, targets wrinkles.