We aim to satisfy every woman’s desire for well-being and to make her even more beautiful. In order to reach this goal, we offer a complete service, a real "specific package" of innovative up-to date products which are specially made to suit the needs of every user. Les Naturelles skin care products respond perfectly to the needs of your skin and offer effective solutions to your main skincare concerns.

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Lait Nettoyant Jojoba

Cleansing Milk with Jojoba Oil - 941


Gently cleanses the skin while preserving its natural balance. This milk has stringent and hydrating properties. It helps to regulate sebaceous secretions. Has a great potential for retaining water.

Eau Micellaire

Micellar Solution - 771


Innovating one-step formula 3 in 1, cleans, tones and soothes. No rinse. Thanks to the power of the micelles that capture immediately all impurities and traces of make-up one single pass with a cotton pad is sufficient. For all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Sérum Uniformisant

Serum Corrector - 720


Innovative treatment based on active ingredients that help improve microcirculation and cellular renewal. Contains a photo-reflector that unifies skin complexion.

BB Cream Perfect

BB Cream - 2 combinations


Fine emulsion of natural beige / bronze color, contains pigments that adapt to your skin color. Formulated using ingredients with nourishing and protecting qualities. Combines beauty treatment in only one gesture. Long-lasting treatment effect, restores the radiance of your complexion. Beauty actions: reduces wrinkles, firms the skin, unifies the...

Lait Nettoyant au Marron d'Inde

Horse Chestnut Cleansing Milk - 921


Gently removes impurities and make-up. Thanks to the astringent and softening properties of this milk it deep cleanses the skin without ever being aggressive to it. Enriched with anti-irritant, soothing and smoothing active constituents.

Tonique Purifiant Spécial

Special Purifying Tonic - 942


This alcohol free lotion completes the action of the cleansing milk. It stimulates and soothes, giving the skin a feeling of freshness. The epidermis is drained, firmed and toned. Enriched with moisturizing and smoothing ingredients.

Crème Expert

Expert Cream - 773


Performing treatment concept thanks to the combined action of natural extracts from Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Orchid. Soothing and relaxing cream. Immediate hydration. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Lait Nettoyant Actif

Active Cleansing Milk - 901


This milk possesses effective dermo-purifying properties, above all in its content of vegetal extracts and essences. The cutaneous micro-circulation and cellular renewal are stimulated, and the sebaceous secretions are stabilised. A blend of ultra-gentleness and high efficiency, this milk deeply cleanses the skin without ever attacking it. Impurities are...

Correcteur Intense

Intensive Corrector - 721


High-dose niacinamid, its active ingredients have a powerful exfoliating, anti-blemish and anti-wrinkle action, offers a harmonized complexion.

Hydro-Active Night Cream - 994


The Les Naturelles hydro-active night cream acts while you are asleep and repairs the damage your skin has undergone during the day: your cell renewal being twice as great during sleep. The active molecules of Florence iris and olive oil prevent dehydration, protect the tone of the tissue and support the production of elastin and collagen. They are an...

Tonique au Marron d'Inde

Horse Chestnut Tonic - 922


This tonic compliments and completes the action of the Horse chestnut cleansing milk. It calms and soothes the epidermis giving a feeling of freshness. The skin is toned and becomes firmer. Enriched with anti-irritant, regenerating and hydrating active constituents.

Tonique Hydro-Actif

Hydro-Active Tonic - 992


The Les Naturelles hydro-active tonic enriched with the active constituents of camomile puts the finishing touches to the cleansing of your face with infinite gentleness. The iris isoflavones provide the necessary hydration to preserve youthfulness, awaken the complexion and relax lines. With the addition of mint and lime extracts, the tonic immediately...