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Hydro-Active Line : Dry Skin

The Hydro-Active treatment line has an efficient and long-lasting effect, and regulates the natural moisturising balance of the skin. The biostimulants reinforce the natural substances present in the epidermis which ensure the retention of moisture, so that the skin is immediately and perfectly rehydrated.

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Lait Nettoyant Hydro-Actif

Hydro-Active Cleansing Milk - 991


The Les Naturelles hydro-active cleansing milk cleans and removes makeup gently, without irritating the face and the eyes, at the same time leaving your skin immediately soothed, supple and smooth. Perfectly hydrated to control the formation of wrinkles thanks to the iris isoflavones and enriched with sweet almond oil, reputed to be an excellent makeup...

Tonique Hydro-Actif

Hydro-Active Tonic - 992


The Les Naturelles hydro-active tonic enriched with the active constituents of camomile puts the finishing touches to the cleansing of your face with infinite gentleness. The iris isoflavones provide the necessary hydration to preserve youthfulness, awaken the complexion and relax lines. With the addition of mint and lime extracts, the tonic immediately...

Crème de Jour Hydro-Active

Hydro-Active Day Cream - 993


The Les Naturelles hydro-active day cream controls and permanently stimulates the optimal hydration of your skin, whatever the needs and the climatic variations. By regenerating all the cutaneous tissue without attacking it, the Florence iris isoflavones fight effectively against premature ageing by limiting the development of lines linked with the drying...

Hydro-Active Night Cream - 994


The Les Naturelles hydro-active night cream acts while you are asleep and repairs the damage your skin has undergone during the day: your cell renewal being twice as great during sleep. The active molecules of Florence iris and olive oil prevent dehydration, protect the tone of the tissue and support the production of elastin and collagen. They are an...

Masque Crème-Gel Hydro-Actif

Hydro-Active Cream-Gel Mask - 995


The Les Naturelles hydro-active cream-gel mask eliminates impurities, tightens the pores, oxygenates and hydrates your skin on a long-term basis. With iris isoflavones and enriched with shea butter whose highly regenerating and restructuring action is rich in vitamins (A, D, E, F), it contributes to rebalancing the hydrolipidic film and fights against...

Complexe Activateur Hydro-Actif

Hydro-Active Activator Complex - 997


Hydro-active activator complex is based upon a high concentration of bramble extract that is formulated with soya liposomes, and other highly effective, vegetal extracts and essences. The active ingredients are liberated directly into the intercellular void of the epidermis to augment their performance capacities. The cells of the epidermis are...