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Purifying Line : Oily Skin

This is a special cosmetic care programme that has been developed to help impure and oily skin to balance its sebum content. The products of this line have been formulated with purifying, anti-seborrheic and matifying active ingredients. They effectively help to fight against black and white heads, excessive sebum and other skin impurities. As a result of using this product, the skin is gently purified, matt and make-up is long-lasting.

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Lait Nettoyant Actif

Active Cleansing Milk - 901


This milk possesses effective dermo-purifying properties, above all in its content of vegetal extracts and essences. The cutaneous micro-circulation and cellular renewal are stimulated, and the sebaceous secretions are stabilised. A blend of ultra-gentleness and high efficiency, this milk deeply cleanses the skin without ever attacking it. Impurities are...

Tonique Purifiant

Purifying Tonic - 902


This tonic perfectly complements the action of the cleansing milk. Enriched with balancing and softening active constituents. It deep cleanses the epidermis and purifies the skin. Its astringent and purifying action tightens the pores of the skin, normalises sebaceous secretions, helps the skin to maintain its elasticity and softens it.

Crème de Jour Purifiante

Purifying Day Cream - 903


Les Naturelles purifying day cream with grape seed extract offers oily skin care and protection against premature cutaneous ageing while effectively purifying the pores. The hydrating and restructuring properties of red seaweed, stimulated with artemisia, rosemary and gentian extracts for their softening and purifying qualities will protect, hydrate and...

Revitalizing Night Cream - 904


Les Naturelles revitalising night cream works while you are asleep and repairs the damage done to your skin during the day: your cell renewal being twice as great while you are asleep. Grape seed and red seaweed extracts contribute effectively to purifying the pores and nourishing the epidermis while you rest. Enriched with allantoin with regenerating...

Masque Purifiant Equilibrant

Purifying Balancing Mask - 905


Les Naturelles purifying mask with grape seed extract regulates the production of sebum with a purifying action for a uniform, purified and clean skin. Rosemary and gentian extracts with purifying, astringent and toning actions combined with soya protein stimulate cell renewal and thus ensure a perfectly cleansed and hydrated skin.

Sérum Perfection

Serum Perfection - 906


Serum Skin Perfection new generation. Reveals the skin brightness in record time and make it definitely smoother, uniform, perfect. Regulates the excess sebaceous secretions while respecting the integrity of the hydrolipidic film.

Purifying Activator Complex - 907


Highly concentrated lemon extract based product, formulated with soya liposomes and other powerful vegetal extracts. The liposomes free the active ingredients directly into the intercellular spaces of the epidermis in order to obtain increased effectiveness thanks to better bio-availability. The epidermal cells are stimulated; their division, their...