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Horse Chestnut Line : Reddish Skin

Skin redness is the permanent dilatation of capillary vessels. This is caused by abnormal vascular functioning (circulation pressure, endothelial permeability and venous stagnation). It grows worse with the action of external factors such as UV rays and sudden climatic changes. While the internal causes of skin redness need medical treatment, external causes can be left to the beautician and treated with suitable cosmetic preparations.

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Lait Nettoyant au Marron d'Inde

Horse Chestnut Cleansing Milk - 921


Gently removes impurities and make-up. Thanks to the astringent and softening properties of this milk it deep cleanses the skin without ever being aggressive to it. Enriched with anti-irritant, soothing and smoothing active constituents.

Tonique au Marron d'Inde

Horse Chestnut Tonic - 922


This tonic compliments and completes the action of the Horse chestnut cleansing milk. It calms and soothes the epidermis giving a feeling of freshness. The skin is toned and becomes firmer. Enriched with anti-irritant, regenerating and hydrating active constituents.

Crème de Jour au Marron d'Inde

Day Cream with Horse Chestnut - 923


The Les Naturelles horse chestnut day cream combines the astringent and anti-redness beneficial effects of the horse chestnut with the anti-radical actions of ginkgo and the astringent properties of witch hazel: this encourages the micro circulation and red patches are reduced. Enriched with red seaweed and shea butter with their ultra nourishing and...

Crème de Nuit au Marron d'Inde

Night Cream with Horse Chestnut - 924


This cream has been especially developed for skin types that are susceptible to blotches or the formation of rosacea. It nourishes the epidermis whilst helping to prevent the early formation of expression lines. The natural pH of the skin is respected, as the cream supplies the necessary elements for a well-balanced complexion. It stimulates the venal...

Masque au Marron d'Inde

Mask with Horse Chestnut - 925


This special, mask-gel formula has been specifically developed for use upon skin with a tendency towards blotches and rosacea. It contains carefully selected, active ingredients that help to even out the skin's appearance and prevent the formation of blotches or rosacea, which are the result of external influences. This mask stimulates venal tonus. The...

Complexe Activateur au Marron d'Inde

Horse Chestnut Activator Complex - 927


This product is highly concentrated and composed of a formula constituted from horse chestnut extract, liposomes, and fruit extracts and essences. The liposomes enable the active ingredients to enter directly into the intercellular void of the epidermis. An optimum effectiveness is achieved, thanks to this bio-transferring action. Skin cells are...