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Ceramides Line : Sensitive Skin

People who have sensitive skin show unusual susceptibility to certain substances (allergen). Their skin may become irritated or develop an allergic reaction. Hypersensitivity denotes the altered functioning of the immune system and the main forms are contact dermatitis and photosensitivity. We have carried out extensive research and are proud to offer a complete cosmetic line which ensures a minimum instance of allergic reaction.

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Lait Nettoyant aux Céramides

Cleansing Milk with Ceramides - 701


Ceramide cleansing milk is well tolerated by the most sensitive and fragile of skin types. It gently removes all traces of make-up and impurities. Thanks to its specifically hypoallergenically, advanced formulation, any risk of sensitivity and irritation of the skin has been reduced to a strict minimum. Its delicate fragrance contributes to the comfort...

Tonique Sensitive

Sensitive Tonic - 702


This extremely pure, alcohol-free product tones the skin gently, helps to close open pores, and removes any remaining traces of make-up removing matter. It is especially hypoallergenically formulated to respect the skin's natural, cutaneous protection barrier, whilst maintaining its hydration levels. The face feels cleansed and agreeably freshened.

Crème de Jour aux Céramides

Day Cream with Ceramides - 703


This cream with ceramides gently hydrates the skin and gives it the elements necessary to maintain its suppleness and firmness. Enriched with vitamins, powerful hydrating agents and UV filters, it contributes to balancing the natural functions of the skin, regulates its hydrolipidic film and protects against the harmful effects of UV rays. It's an...

Night Cream with Ceramides - 704


This top-of-the range cosmetic treatment acts both as a preventative and as a restructuring agent. It helps to prevent the signs of cutaneous ageing and improves the cohesion of the cells of the epidermis. After several weeks of use, the following results are obtained: Smoothing out of wrinkles Improvement in the firmness of the skin Increase in the...

Mask with Ceramides - 705


This ceramide mask gives maximum effect through infinite gentleness. Cleansing the skin deeply, it absorbs any eventual excess of sebum. Regular use will result in the following: A perfectly-cleansed skin Release from facial skin tension and tugging Hydration of the surface layers of the skin A smoother skin texture Closing of the pores A bright, luminous...

Gatuline R Activator Complex - 707


Intensive, cosmetic care for the face and neck with a ceramide base. Conceived and created in total respect of the strictest hypoallergenic criteria, risks of irritation and allergic reactions have been reduced to an absolute minimum. Its restructuring ingredients provide highly effective nourishment for the skin. They are a most effective, preventative...