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Jojoba Line : Combination Skin

Combination skin results from over-activity of the sebaceous glands in certain areas-usually, the T-zone of the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.The skin of the other area is normal or dry. In order to fulfil the needs of this type of skin, we have developed a cosmetic line which has the property of balancing the activity of sebaceous glands and preserving the hydrolipidic film which is necessary to keep the skin in good condition.

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Lait Nettoyant Jojoba

Cleansing Milk with Jojoba Oil - 941


Gently cleanses the skin while preserving its natural balance. This milk has stringent and hydrating properties. It helps to regulate sebaceous secretions. Has a great potential for retaining water.

Tonique Purifiant Spécial

Special Purifying Tonic - 942


This alcohol free lotion completes the action of the cleansing milk. It stimulates and soothes, giving the skin a feeling of freshness. The epidermis is drained, firmed and toned. Enriched with moisturizing and smoothing ingredients.

Crème de Jour Jojoba

Jojoba Day Cream - 943


Les Naturelles jojoba day cream, enriched with avocado oil softens the skin, smoothes out fine lines and regulates the hydration balance by working like a natural protection. The properties of the 3 teas (green, white and yellow), with anti-radical, astringent and anti-oxidant qualities, fight effectively against the aggressions of time, stress and...

Crème de Nuit Jojoba

Jojoba Night Cream - 944


Les Naturelles jojoba night cream acts while you are asleep and repairs the damage done to your skin during the day: your cell renewal being twice as great while you are asleep. Your skin is softened, fine lines smoothed out and natural hydration preserved by the beneficial effects of jojoba oil. The regenerating and hydrating properties of avocado oil...

Masque Spécial Jojoba

Special Jojoba Mask - 905


Les Naturelles jojoba mask gently removes surplus sebum, dead cells and softens the epidermis. Enriched with red seaweed for its soothing and restructuring qualities and with wheat and soya proteins, it gives an immediate feeling of tonicity and has an anti-wrinkle effect. For a smoothed and soothed skin, it is supplemented with beneficial extracts of...

Complexe Activateur Renaissance

Renaissance Activator Complex - 947


This product is highly concentrated and is formulated with mango extract, soya liposomes, and other successfully activating, vegetal components. The liposomes' action allows the active ingredients to be liberated directly into the intercellular void of the epidermis in order to obtain an optimum degree of efficiency through this improved, beneficial,...