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Advanced Phyto Biological Line : Anti-Age

This formula contains high concentrations of active plant extracts of Sequoia, Blue Lotus and Argan. It acts at several levels for in-depth regeneration of the skin. Reinforces and stimulates its general activity. Prevents the formulation of wrinkles. Argan oil restructures the skin and protects it from physiological aging. The small lines and wrinkles are erasesd, the skin becomes smoother, the complexion more radiant. An ideal base for the application of make-up.

Lait Nettoyant

Cleansing Milk - 741

CHF 47.40

This mild cleansing milk, which contains precious natural active ingredients, gently removes make-up and any impurities. Revitalized the outer layer of the skin and prevents it from drying out.

Tonique Douceur

Mild Skin Tonic - 742

CHF 47.40

Completes the action of the cleansing milk. Enriched in active ingredients that soften and moisturize the skin. Procures a sensation of freshness. Leaves a feeling of well-being. Alcohol-free.

Multi Cream - 743

CHF 80.80

Ensures a perfectly moisturized skin. The small lines and wrinkles are erased, the skin becomes smoother, the complexion more radiant. An ideal base for the application of make-up. Attenuates the signs of aging.

Crème Anti-Age

Anti-Age Cream - 744

CHF 98.00

Extra-rich, complete anti-age treatment. In-depth efficacy. The small lines and wrinkles are erased and the skin becomes smoother. The complexion is more radiant.


Mask - 745

CHF 70.00

This mask has a spectacular effect on how your skin looks. Developed on the basis of our anti-age concept, it relaxes the features and nourishes the skin so that it becomes smooth, supple and radiant.

Eye Zone

Eye Zone - 746

CHF 70.00

Eye contour serum. Immediate hydration and intensive comfort thanks to exclusive active plant extracts. Crow's feet, rings and puffiness under the eyes fade away when using this complete eye contour treatment that visibly reduces expression wrinkles.

Sérum Ultra

Ultra Serum - 747

CHF 106.60

Intensive specific anti-age treatment. The active agents contained in this highly concentrated beauty treatment protect the skin from aging. It maintains and reinforces the skin's natural suppleness.

Huile Visage-Corps-Cheveux

Face - Body - Hair Oil - 749

CHF 74.30

Oils that are rich in anti-wrinkle, restructuring, moisturizing, softening and toning properties. For the face, body and hair. Soothes, softens and nourishes.