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Expert One Perfect Line : Perfection-Correction

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Sérum Uniformisant

Serum Corrector - 720


Innovative treatment based on active ingredients that help improve microcirculation and cellular renewal. Contains a photo-reflector that unifies skin complexion.

Correcteur Intense

Intensive Corrector - 721


High-dose niacinamid, its active ingredients have a powerful exfoliating, anti-blemish and anti-wrinkle action, offers a harmonized complexion.

BB Cream Perfect

BB Cream - 2 combinations


Fine emulsion of natural beige / bronze color, contains pigments that adapt to your skin color. Formulated using ingredients with nourishing and protecting qualities. Combines beauty treatment in only one gesture. Long-lasting treatment effect, restores the radiance of your complexion. Beauty actions: reduces wrinkles, firms the skin, unifies the...