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Gel Nettoyant Visage

Face Cleansing Gel - 851

CHF 35.55

Face cleansing gel, adapted to suit all skin types, even the most delicate. A gel that has been specifically designed to cleanse and purify the epidermis without drying it out.

Gel Gommage

Exfoliating Gel - 852

CHF 44.15

Adapted to all skin types. A foaming gel specifically designed to purify the epidermis without damaging its natural physiological balance and to restore radiance to a complexion dulled by pollution, stress and fatigue.

Actif Hydro-Vitalisant

Active Hydro-Vitalising - 853

CHF 52.80

Adapted to all skin types, dry, rough and dull. This lotion has been specifically designed to provide and maintain optimal hydration in the cutaneous tissues.

Actif Restructurant

Actif Restructurant - 854

CHF 74.30

Adapted to all skin types. This fluid, non-oily and highly effective lotion has been specifically designed to smooth wrinkles and to soften and tone the skin.

Baume Après-Rasage

After Shave Balm - 855

CHF 49.55

Adapted to all skin types: combination, dull, devitalised and tired. A non-oily, pleasantly fragranced lotion, specifically designed to immediately soothe the epidermis damaged by shaving.

Gel-Crème Anti-Age Yeux

Anti-Age Eye Contour Gel-Cream - 860

CHF 70.00

This perfume-free gel-cream helps to visibly reduce rings and puffiness around the eyes. A treatment with an ultra-toning and revitalizing effect for a radiant, youthful look. With its "moisturizing complex" formula, the delicate skin around the eyes becomes soft and smooth.

Masque Visage

Face Mask - 859

CHF 59.25

Adapted to all skin types. Inevitably aggressed by the razorblade, by pollution and climatic conditions (wind, cold, etc.), the epidermis becomes dry and dull and gets marked more easily. A "de-stress" break is a rapid and pressure-less way of participating in the fight against the visible effects of skin ageing. Specifically formulated to hydrate *, calm...