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Procollagène Super-Actif Crème

Procollagene Super-Actif Cream - 962


Specially developed to prevent the premature ageing of the skin. Formulated with "Cellumax V", a long-lasting cell renewal vegetal complex that stimulates the synthesis of new collagen and elastin. As a result, the skin looks firmer and radiant.

Sérum Vital C

Serum Vital C - 713


Light serum combining vitamin C with anti-ageing and brightening qualities. Technological active agents which preserve the natural cutaneous structure and smooth the micro-relief. Instantly illuminates the complexion.

Crème Intense Corps

Intense Body Cream - 164


This soft and thick cream is a pure delight. It is hydrating and soothing, providing tone, suppleness and firmness for the skin whilst ensuring a real feeling of well-being and peacefulness. It provides an exceptional and long lasting hydrating action.

Peeling Doux Visage

Mild Face Exfoliator - 964


The Les Naturelles gentle facial scrub has an exfoliating action on the deep layers of the epidermis. Combining the qualities of quartz and apple polyphenols, dead cells and impurities are gently eliminated and cellular renewal is encouraged. Enriched with Rosa gallica for its astringent properties, this facial scrub brings delicacy and radiance without...

Control Slim

Control Slim - 166


Your perfect ally for an ideal treatment. Concentration and association of performing active ingredients. Double action Body control, efficiency and visible results. Innovation, this gel-cream helps redraw your silhouette. With a hydrating agent for even more comfort and a cocooning effect. In synergy before Body Tonic Perfection.

Procollagene Super-Actif Serum - 963


Very concentrated product, designed to halt the phenomenon of degradation of the natural collagen and to stimulate the synthesis of new collagen directly in the skin (at fibroblast level). This is possible thanks to the synergic action of the vegetal complex that was specially worked out for this product. The skin is incredibly smoothed, tautened and...

Crème Vital C

Cream Vital C - 714


A healthy glow is a newly redefined concept thanks to our Vital C cream. The skin's appearance, its colours, quality and texture improve visibly. Vital C is the first skin care cream with vitamin C. It is enriched with apricot oil, vitamins A and E. Thanks to the combining of its active ingredients and vitamin C, the skin is given its optimum vitality...

Complexe Bio-Actif Contour Yeux

Bio-Active Eye Contour Complex - 965


A non-greasy formula developed specifically for the delicate, much-employed fragile eye contours, and deep wrinkles. The components are extremely pure and rigorously selected, making this an optimal preventative treatment as well as a means of smoothing out puffiness, alleviating shadows beneath the eyes and attenuating early traces of fine lines. The...

NEW Sérum NaturCell 8

NaturCell 8 Serum - 756


Unifying serum enriched with 8 selected active ingredients that capture free radicals. Corrects enhances radiance of the complexion. Boosts the exchange between cells. Highly concentrated formula, anti-oxidant action, hypoallergenic, free from parabens.

Secret Cleanser / Nettoyant Doux

Secret Cleanser / Gentle Cleanser - 971


A new concept of deep skin cleansing. Suitable even for sensitive skin and can be used every day. Brightens complexion, refines skin texture and decreases pore size. Minimises imperfections. For a perfectly cleansed skin.

Body Tonic Perfection - 167


Your silhouette visibly appears younger. Double action Body control, specific ingredients for a well-balanced profile, concentration of active ingredients to remodel, firm and tone your silhouette. Favors draining, makes the skin appear smoother and more solid immdiately. Elasticity and optimum hydration. In synergy after Control Slim.