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Vital C Care

We at Les Naturelles, as specialists of skincare, are proud to offer cosmetic treatment products that are prefectly adapted to the various needs of the modern woman.The products in this line are designed for specific applications and act in a synergistic way with those of the basic line. When used regularly, they help protect the skin and keep it in good condition.

Sérum Vital C

Serum Vital C - 713

CHF 85.10

Light serum combining vitamin C with anti-ageing and brightening qualities. Technological active agents which preserve the natural cutaneous structure and smooth the micro-relief. Instantly illuminates the complexion.

Crème Vital C

Cream Vital C - 714

CHF 71.10

A healthy glow is a newly redefined concept thanks to our Vital C cream. The skin's appearance, its colours, quality and texture improve visibly. Vital C is the first skin care cream with vitamin C. It is enriched with apricot oil, vitamins A and E. Thanks to the combining of its active ingredients and vitamin C, the skin is given its optimum vitality...

Sérum Vital C
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1 Serum Vital C - REF 713 1 Cream Vital C - REF 714 GIFT: 1 BB Cream Perfect Beige - REF 722