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Eye Care

We at Les Naturelles, as specialists of skincare, are proud to offer cosmetic treatment products that are prefectly adapted to the various needs of the modern woman.The products in this line are designed for specific applications and act in a synergistic way with those of the basic line. When used regularly, they help protect the skin and keep it in good condition.

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Démaquillant Bi-Phase pour les Yeux

Bi-Phase Eye Make-up Remover - 763


Compositions similar to lachrymal fluid, the aqueous properties have been specifically conceived to prevent irritation of the delicate epidermis surrounding the eyes. The oily properties gently eliminate both waterproof and normal make-up.

Sleeping Eye Mask - 768


Beauty mask that energizes tired eyes, minimizes signs of fatigue and stress. Refreshes and relieves congestion, smoothes and tones the eye contour area. This targeted treatment minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet while protecting the fragile eye contour area. Efficient on the eye contour area as well as on the lip contour area.

Complexe Bio-Actif Contour Yeux

Bio-Active Eye Contour Complex - 965


A non-greasy formula developed specifically for the delicate, much-employed fragile eye contours, and deep wrinkles. The components are extremely pure and rigorously selected, making this an optimal preventative treatment as well as a means of smoothing out puffiness, alleviating shadows beneath the eyes and attenuating early traces of fine lines. The...