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Purifying Products

We at Les Naturelles, as specialists of skincare, are proud to offer cosmetic treatment products that are prefectly adapted to the various needs of the modern woman.The products in this line are designed for specific applications and act in a synergistic way with those of the basic line. When used regularly, they help protect the skin and keep it in good condition.

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Gommage Purifiant

Purifying Peel - 712


Extremely gentle, to be used according to individual requirements, even daily if so desired. Its exfoliating properties activate the elimination of dead skin cells, refine the skin's texture, smooth out the fine lines, and give a sleeker, healthier and more luminous appearance to the skin, which shows even through make up

Rare Clay Mask - 961


Because of its unique and specific formula, this mask is very suitable for treating combination skin with a tendency towards oiliness. Its constituents of natural origin exert an absorbing and purifying action and regulate sebaceous secretions. Camphor accelerates cutaneous healing thus avoiding any risk of infection when there are spots.

Peeling Doux Visage

Mild Face Exfoliator - 964


The Les Naturelles gentle facial scrub has an exfoliating action on the deep layers of the epidermis. Combining the qualities of quartz and apple polyphenols, dead cells and impurities are gently eliminated and cellular renewal is encouraged. Enriched with Rosa gallica for its astringent properties, this facial scrub brings delicacy and radiance without...