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Each individual care treatment is designed to react synergetically with the basic skin product care lines and increase their effectiveness. Used with regularity, our products will enable the skin to obtain its optimum condition and maintain its magnificent, healthy glow.

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Energising Exfoliant - 163


This gel with its fine exfoliating particles delicately eliminates impurities and dead cells and promotes cellular regeneration. Your skin is perfectly clean and rediscovers it softer feel and greater suppleness. The perfect treatment for nourishing your body and you pleasure.

Crème Intense Corps

Intense Body Cream - 164


This soft and thick cream is a pure delight. It is hydrating and soothing, providing tone, suppleness and firmness for the skin whilst ensuring a real feeling of well-being and peacefulness. It provides an exceptional and long lasting hydrating action.

Control Slim

Control Slim - 166


Your perfect ally for an ideal treatment. Concentration and association of performing active ingredients. Double action Body control, efficiency and visible results. Innovation, this gel-cream helps redraw your silhouette. With a hydrating agent for even more comfort and a cocooning effect. In synergy before Body Tonic Perfection.

Body Tonic Perfection - 167


Your silhouette visibly appears younger. Double action Body control, specific ingredients for a well-balanced profile, concentration of active ingredients to remodel, firm and tone your silhouette. Favors draining, makes the skin appear smoother and more solid immdiately. Elasticity and optimum hydration. In synergy after Control Slim.

Huile Visage-Corps-Cheveux

Face - Body - Hair Oil - 749


Oils that are rich in anti-wrinkle, restructuring, moisturizing, softening and toning properties. For the face, body and hair. Soothes, softens and nourishes.

Emulsion Corps Soyeuse

Silky Body Lotion - 980


From the moment of application, this silky emulsion melts into the epidermis. The body is wrapped in a veil of softness and wellness. This emulsion helps you to fight off the external influences, which attack the skin's surface. Silky body lotion contains vitamins that work together in synergy, stimulate the biological functions and collagen formation,...