Sun Care

A line of sun products to care for the vital youthfulness of your skin, hydrating it and giving it freshness and a high degree of protection. Products that are extremely pleasant and easy to use, allowing only the best of the sun to filter through, whatever your skin type.


Spray Solaire Waterproof IP 30

Sun Spray Waterproof SPF 30 - 180

CHF 45.25

Assures a high protection tan that is luminous and long-lasting. Avoids dehydration of the skin and maintains its elasticity. Leaves the skin smooth, hydrated and protected from free radicals. Water resistant.

Lotion Après-Soleil

After Sun Lotion - 183

CHF 37.70

Its deeply hydrating formula slows down premature skin ageing and reduces skin dryness and roughness. The skin is immediately soothed and regains its suppleness and comfort. Fixes and prolongs the tan.