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Crème de Jour au Marron d'Inde

Day Cream with Horse Chestnut - 923


The Les Naturelles horse chestnut day cream combines the astringent and anti-redness beneficial effects of the horse chestnut with the anti-radical actions of ginkgo and the astringent properties of witch hazel: this encourages the micro circulation and red patches are reduced. Enriched with red seaweed and shea butter with their ultra nourishing and...

Crème de Jour Jojoba

Jojoba Day Cream - 943


Les Naturelles jojoba day cream, enriched with avocado oil softens the skin, smoothes out fine lines and regulates the hydration balance by working like a natural protection. The properties of the 3 teas (green, white and yellow), with anti-radical, astringent and anti-oxidant qualities, fight effectively against the aggressions of time, stress and...

Rare Clay Mask - 961


Because of its unique and specific formula, this mask is very suitable for treating combination skin with a tendency towards oiliness. Its constituents of natural origin exert an absorbing and purifying action and regulate sebaceous secretions. Camphor accelerates cutaneous healing thus avoiding any risk of infection when there are spots.

Démaquillant Bi-Phase pour les Yeux

Bi-Phase Eye Make-up Remover - 763


Compositions similar to lachrymal fluid, the aqueous properties have been specifically conceived to prevent irritation of the delicate epidermis surrounding the eyes. The oily properties gently eliminate both waterproof and normal make-up.

Crème de Nuit au Marron d'Inde

Night Cream with Horse Chestnut - 924


This cream has been especially developed for skin types that are susceptible to blotches or the formation of rosacea. It nourishes the epidermis whilst helping to prevent the early formation of expression lines. The natural pH of the skin is respected, as the cream supplies the necessary elements for a well-balanced complexion. It stimulates the venal...

Tonique Purifiant Spécial

Special Purifying Tonic - 942


This alcohol free lotion completes the action of the cleansing milk. It stimulates and soothes, giving the skin a feeling of freshness. The epidermis is drained, firmed and toned. Enriched with moisturizing and smoothing ingredients.

Tonique au Marron d'Inde

Horse Chestnut Tonic - 922


This tonic compliments and completes the action of the Horse chestnut cleansing milk. It calms and soothes the epidermis giving a feeling of freshness. The skin is toned and becomes firmer. Enriched with anti-irritant, regenerating and hydrating active constituents.

Crème de Nuit Jojoba

Jojoba Night Cream - 944


Les Naturelles jojoba night cream acts while you are asleep and repairs the damage done to your skin during the day: your cell renewal being twice as great while you are asleep. Your skin is softened, fine lines smoothed out and natural hydration preserved by the beneficial effects of jojoba oil. The regenerating and hydrating properties of avocado oil...

Complexe Bio-Actif Contour Yeux

Bio-Active Eye Contour Complex - 965


A non-greasy formula developed specifically for the delicate, much-employed fragile eye contours, and deep wrinkles. The components are extremely pure and rigorously selected, making this an optimal preventative treatment as well as a means of smoothing out puffiness, alleviating shadows beneath the eyes and attenuating early traces of fine lines. The...

Crème Anti-Age

Anti-Age Cream - 744


Extra-rich, complete anti-age treatment. In-depth efficacy. The small lines and wrinkles are erased and the skin becomes smoother. The complexion is more radiant.

Multi Cream - 743


Ensures a perfectly moisturized skin. The small lines and wrinkles are erased, the skin becomes smoother, the complexion more radiant. An ideal base for the application of make-up. Attenuates the signs of aging.