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Actif Restructurant

Actif Restructurant - 854

CHF 74.30

Adapted to all skin types. This fluid, non-oily and highly effective lotion has been specifically designed to smooth wrinkles and to soften and tone the skin.

Lait Nettoyant Actif

Active Cleansing Milk - 901

CHF 43.10

This milk possesses effective dermo-purifying properties, above all in its content of vegetal extracts and essences. The cutaneous micro-circulation and cellular renewal are stimulated, and the sebaceous secretions are stabilised. A blend of ultra-gentleness and high efficiency, this milk deeply cleanses the skin without ever attacking it. Impurities are...

Actif Hydro-Vitalisant

Active Hydro-Vitalising - 853

CHF 52.80

Adapted to all skin types, dry, rough and dull. This lotion has been specifically designed to provide and maintain optimal hydration in the cutaneous tissues.

Sérum Activlift

Activlift Serum - 777

CHF 59.25

Regenerating serum, activator and tensor of the treatment concept. Performing thanks to the combined action of natural extracts from Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Orchid. Concentrated and energizing serum, targets wrinkles.

Baume Après-Rasage

After Shave Balm - 855

CHF 49.55

Adapted to all skin types: combination, dull, devitalised and tired. A non-oily, pleasantly fragranced lotion, specifically designed to immediately soothe the epidermis damaged by shaving.

Lotion Après-Soleil

After Sun Lotion - 183

CHF 37.70

Its deeply hydrating formula slows down premature skin ageing and reduces skin dryness and roughness. The skin is immediately soothed and regains its suppleness and comfort. Fixes and prolongs the tan.

Crème Anti-Age

Anti-Age Cream - 744

CHF 98.00

Extra-rich, complete anti-age treatment. In-depth efficacy. The small lines and wrinkles are erased and the skin becomes smoother. The complexion is more radiant.

Gel-Crème Anti-Age Yeux

Anti-Age Eye Contour Gel-Cream - 860

CHF 70.00

This perfume-free gel-cream helps to visibly reduce rings and puffiness around the eyes. A treatment with an ultra-toning and revitalizing effect for a radiant, youthful look. With its "moisturizing complex" formula, the delicate skin around the eyes becomes soft and smooth.

BB Cream Perfect

BB Cream - 2 combinations

CHF 42.00

Fine emulsion of natural beige / bronze color, contains pigments that adapt to your skin color. Formulated using ingredients with nourishing and protecting qualities. Combines beauty treatment in only one gesture. Long-lasting treatment effect, restores the radiance of your complexion. Beauty actions: reduces wrinkles, firms the skin, unifies the...

Démaquillant Bi-Phase pour les Yeux

Bi-Phase Eye Make-up Remover - 763

CHF 31.25

Compositions similar to lachrymal fluid, the aqueous properties have been specifically conceived to prevent irritation of the delicate epidermis surrounding the eyes. The oily properties gently eliminate both waterproof and normal make-up.