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Crème de Jour aux Céramides

Day Cream with Ceramides - 703


This cream with ceramides gently hydrates the skin and gives it the elements necessary to maintain its suppleness and firmness. Enriched with vitamins, powerful hydrating agents and UV filters, it contributes to balancing the natural functions of the skin, regulates its hydrolipidic film and protects against the harmful effects of UV rays. It's an...

Tonique Purifiant

Purifying Tonic - 902


This tonic perfectly complements the action of the cleansing milk. Enriched with balancing and softening active constituents. It deep cleanses the epidermis and purifies the skin. Its astringent and purifying action tightens the pores of the skin, normalises sebaceous secretions, helps the skin to maintain its elasticity and softens it.

Eye Zone

Eye Zone - 746


Eye contour serum. Immediate hydration and intensive comfort thanks to exclusive active plant extracts. Crow's feet, rings and puffiness under the eyes fade away when using this complete eye contour treatment that visibly reduces expression wrinkles.

Eau Micellaire

Micellar Solution - 771


Innovating one-step formula 3 in 1, cleans, tones and soothes. No rinse. Thanks to the power of the micelles that capture immediately all impurities and traces of make-up one single pass with a cotton pad is sufficient. For all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Lait Nettoyant Jojoba

Cleansing Milk with Jojoba Oil - 941


Gently cleanses the skin while preserving its natural balance. This milk has stringent and hydrating properties. It helps to regulate sebaceous secretions. Has a great potential for retaining water.

Crème Vital C

Cream Vital C - 714


A healthy glow is a newly redefined concept thanks to our Vital C cream. The skin's appearance, its colours, quality and texture improve visibly. Vital C is the first skin care cream with vitamin C. It is enriched with apricot oil, vitamins A and E. Thanks to the combining of its active ingredients and vitamin C, the skin is given its optimum vitality...

Crème de Jour Purifiante

Purifying Day Cream - 903


Les Naturelles purifying day cream with grape seed extract offers oily skin care and protection against premature cutaneous ageing while effectively purifying the pores. The hydrating and restructuring properties of red seaweed, stimulated with artemisia, rosemary and gentian extracts for their softening and purifying qualities will protect, hydrate and...

Lait Nettoyant au Marron d'Inde

Horse Chestnut Cleansing Milk - 921


Gently removes impurities and make-up. Thanks to the astringent and softening properties of this milk it deep cleanses the skin without ever being aggressive to it. Enriched with anti-irritant, soothing and smoothing active constituents.

Complexe Activateur au Marron d'Inde

Horse Chestnut Activator Complex - 927


This product is highly concentrated and composed of a formula constituted from horse chestnut extract, liposomes, and fruit extracts and essences. The liposomes enable the active ingredients to enter directly into the intercellular void of the epidermis. An optimum effectiveness is achieved, thanks to this bio-transferring action. Skin cells are...

Emulsion Corps Soyeuse

Silky Body Lotion - 980


From the moment of application, this silky emulsion melts into the epidermis. The body is wrapped in a veil of softness and wellness. This emulsion helps you to fight off the external influences, which attack the skin's surface. Silky body lotion contains vitamins that work together in synergy, stimulate the biological functions and collagen formation,...

Actif Hydro-Vitalisant

Active Hydro-Vitalising - 853


Adapted to all skin types, dry, rough and dull. This lotion has been specifically designed to provide and maintain optimal hydration in the cutaneous tissues.