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Welcome to Predige

Established in the heart of Europe in 1978, Predige SA® boasts a number of advantages including a very high level international scientific environment, a constant quest for perfection and first-rate professional ethics and efficiency.


Our purpose is threefold:

  1. To advise. Because even if a product is excellent, if it fails to meet your needs, it will prove ineffective, or even counter-productive. To this end, we have established a network of at-home consultants, product sheets, directions for use and tutorials to help you to select and use our products
  2. To design and offer high-technology cosmetics suited to all skin types (dry, oily, prone to redness, sensitive, normal and mixed) and to specific needs, (anti-age treatment, perfection-correction, high-tech and sunscreen)
  3. To continuously improve the products in our four ranges:

Logo Naturelles

Les NaturellesTM products are exclusively designed, developed, tested and packaged in Switzerland. They are designed to meet every woman’s desire for well-being. Some unisex products can also be found in this category.

Exclusif HommeTM cosmetics are exclusively designed, developed, tested and packaged in Switzerland. They fulfil the growing requirements of today’s man.

Logo Naturelles Pro

The Les Naturelles and Exclusif Homme Pro range consists of products in our professional range, designed for beauty institutes, hotels and spas. They are exclusively designed, developed, tested and packaged in Switzerland.

Logo Predige du monde

The Predige du Monde product range. Because we refuse to compromise on the quality and safety of our products, we decided to focus on our field of expertise for more than 40 years and to complement our ranges with a few products from other countries, selected for being the best in their category. Carefully selected, these items are tested on an ongoing basis. Collectively referred to as Predige du Monde products, they are clearly identified as such.

Our values:

  1. Safety and reliability: not only do we apply Swiss rules about authorised products, which are some of the strictest in the world, but also those of other countries, where we market our products. Switzerland is also famous for its rigour, trustworthiness and hygiene standards. We do our utmost to live up to this reputation
  2. Ethics: loyalty and respect for customers and the rules are by no means empty promises at Predige
  3. Eco-responsibility: respect for the environment, waste reduction and use of the healthiest products possible. We are not perfect and it isn’t easy in the cosmetics sector, but we are making continuous progress towards products and production which are healthier and more environmentally friendly
  4. Vegan: there are no animal substances in our products and we do not test on animals
  5. Mineral oils: we chose to ban petroleum-based ingredients from our products, as well as many other authorised substances that we refuse to work with
  6. Pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement: we reformulate more than 25% of our products each year; not only to meet the requirements of Swiss, European, American and international legislations, but also to improve our ingredients and products

Article on organic products, endocrine disruptors, Yuka, excessive packaging, etc

Our administrative offices and production centre in Renens, Switzerland:

Predige HQPredige EntrancePredige Production