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Les Naturelles

All products from the "Les Naturelles" brand are designed and manufactured in Switzerland, using advanced technologies and under stringent manufacturing practices of the branch (GMP Good Manufacturing Practice).

The entire "Les Naturelles" range is made from substances measured extremely accurately to ensure excellent effectiveness and tolerance. These components of very high purity come from the most reliable sources. The active ingredients are obtained through environment-friendly techniques and are never of animal origin. At equal performance, all natural sources are prefered.

Substances that can trigger comedogenic reactions, photosensitivity or other dermatological questionable behavior are banned from our formulas. The fragrances are of essential oils or compositions of scents in strict conformity with the good use of the IFRA code (International Fragrance Association).

The security is ensured by very extensive and rigorous checks. The purity is guaranteed by bacteriological tests, tolerance tested under dermatological control and packaging is protected by a system of inviolability. During its manufacture, each product is subjected to rigorous quality control. Our formulas are conform to Swiss and international cosmetic guidelines. Not tested on animals. Free from parabens.